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“ IT IS NOT SPRING, UNTIL ALL FLOWERS BLOSSOM ” (a quote from Shui Mak Ka, one of the factory workers initializing the 1982 Garment Strike) is a homage to the overlooked and objectified laboring body of Asian Immigrant Women in the western world, with an eye on the garment factory owners and workers within the New York garment production sector as a representation of the US social panorama.

With reference to the French philosopher Gaston Bachelars’s topo-analysis theory from his literature work The Poetics of Space — a form of research that examines the intimacy of objects and spaces; the working space itself becomes the representation of one’s identity, cultural behavior and a kind of consciousness. Thus, this collaborative project aims to explore the poetic relationship between these women factory worker’s invisible social identity, the workspace, movement and fashion in the Chinese diaspora in America, dating from the 1970s to present times.

DIRECTOR Curry Si Cong Tian @curry_tian CREATIVE DIRECTOR Yayi Chen @ya__yi_official PRODUCER Joyce Yueyi Xing @xingjojo @osmanthus_studios CO-PRODUCER Dante Jiayu Liu @dantejiayuliu ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Wenkai Wang @wwenkaiw DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Bruce Puyu Wang @bruce_wang_lee . 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA Evan Feng @evan_feng_ CAMERA PA Shanshan Zhang @shanshan___zhang GAFFER Han Wang @han_2001203 KEY GRIP Jason Chew @chewchomp BEST GIRL Cassie Yunzhi Zhang @cassiezyz BEST BOY Yu Jiang PRODUCTION DESIGNER Vivienne Liu @vivienneliudesign ART GRIP Nicholas Brester @nicholasbrester ART PA Roku Jingwen Long @roku.long Anson Li @qectus . FASHION DESIGN BY Ya Yi Studio @ya__yi_official ACCESSORY DESIGN COLLABORATOR (HANDBAG & SHOES) Andrée Kong @andree_archive STYLIST Kellen Kauffman @kellen_______ STYLING ASSISTANTS Jasmine Zhang @jasminekkzhang Angel Pan @anangelorsmth Luwenxi Song @luwenxis . HAIR STYLIST Shin Arima @shinarima ASSISTANT HAIR STYLIST Rika Shimojyo @rikaringjiji MAKE UP ARTIST Mitch Yohei Yoshida @mitchyoshidamakeup ASSISTANT MUA Emma Fuka Ando @emmakeup1102 . CHOREOGRAPHY BY Erin Maher @erin.m.maher Grace Yi-Li Tong @graceytong LEAD PERFORMER Leah Ogawa @leahogawa PERFORMERS Erin Maher @erin.m.maher Grace Yi-Li Tong @graceytong Hong Lin @hong.lin.liii Xin Min @viaxmin Ariel Ziyi Cui @arielpunnk Leah Ying Lin @__leah______ Zhiqing Zhang @princessofchinatown Vinca Minor @vinca_minor . STILL PHOTOGRAPHER Boyang Hu @boyang_h STILL ASSISTANTS Stefy Lin @stefy.lin Yichen Zhou @yichen_815 . EDITOR Qiyan Li @liqiyan2013 CO-EDITOR Xiao Han @xiiiaoh VFX ARTIST Shengluo Zhang @zshengluooo COLOR BY Reason Studio COLORIST Roy Sun @coloristroy GRAPHIC DESIGN Ricky Yuecen Cai @rishepp MUSIC BY Chamberlain Zhang @chamberlainz

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