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Design Concept for Prague Quadrennial 2019 Emerging Designers Exhibit
Theme: Porous Borders

Entered the Final List of the Competition

Co-Design: Vivienne Liu, John Mitchel

America is known as the melting pot for societies and cultures. With recent developments in our
society there are some who try to deny this essential aspect of our country. Fortunately they
have not been successful.

Our design is directed to celebrate the positive aspects of having a rich mix of cultures while still
presenting the difficulties that some are forced to endure. We approached this design knowing
that the concept of porous borders, borders that can be crossed, is both crucial and important to
discuss and remember at this time in The United States of America.

Our design shows how america can be accessed from all directions and sources while including
a symbolic transition to gain access to the exhibit. This transition is experienced by passing
through an elastic perimeter which will encourage movement when entering the space. This
means that the exhibit can be accessed from all sides. While within the exhibit participants will
come to understand the interconnecting of designers and their marks on the world. This will be
revealed through a large backlit black and white world map where people may insert their own
filter (color of their choice) in the shape of a foot where they may write their name and country
(in their own language) representing their mark on the world. This will be overlayed on the map
showing that anyone can change how we view the world. By the end of the conference these
“footprints” will completely change the original map. In addition the works on display will have
listed where they or their ancestors originated to reinforce that America, and its designers are
comprised of people from across the globe.

Through this positive interaction we hope to continue the fostering of great ideas,
communication, and views from all across the world.

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